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Total Language Plus Study Guide - To Kill a Mockingbird (Used - Like New)

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Total Language Plus: Literature Inspired Comprehensive Language Arts Curriculum is a Christian literature-based language arts program. Contains several elements of language arts, including spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, critical thinking, and communication. Lessons and activities stress mastery learning, rather than short-term memorization, for a broader and deeper understanding of language arts.

Students read the chapter(s) in the book and follow-up by completing the included worksheets or perhaps using a field trip suggestion or hands-on idea. Daily Flashcard Review activities are a core component of the program, and help students master spelling words through daily practice.

This To Kill a Mockingbird study guide (Grades 9-11) is designed to be used with the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (not included). It includes six units. Unit worksheets cover reading, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing. Students are given a term research paper, character study paper, and story analysis paper for writing assignments; each unit helps move students forward towards their writing goals (e.g. Unit 2 asks students to prepare a working outline). Students will write words with their matching definitions, write dictation exercises, complete puzzles, and more.

Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.