Time Travelers History Study CD: Early 19th Century (Used-Like New)

Time Travelers History Study CD: Early 19th Century (Used-Like New)

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Covers presidents, statehoods, the War of 1812, pioneers and the Westward movement, Native Americans, the Mexican-American War and more.

These supplemental activities are a hands-on way to explore history. Just pop the CD-ROM into your computer, and you can explore and use the .pdf files as you see fit. The format is easy to use - the first screen that opens up is a contents page, allowing you to read the introduction, tips, teacher helps or, if you feel like just jumping right on in, you can scroll down and go straight to any of the 25 lessons. This first page also gives you lap book instructions, a gallery of photos, and all of the master pages. Clicking on anything from this screen will open up the .pdfs, from which anything can be printed for use in you home - as many times as you need. The teacher helps section includes a lot of good stuff, like a lesson planner, a resource list, binder covers (if you plan to make a binder), and timeline templates. Each lesson includes text pages (which detail the historical background and historical context), project pages (with notes on the projects that should be done with this lesson), and the actual project masters themselves. The projects are creative and varied, incorporating many different skills as they develop each historical era. Projects include creative writing, science experiments, recipes, timelines, factfile cards, penmanship, file folder games, notebooking, three-dimensional projects, period crafts, lap books, and more. The lessons on each CD-ROM should spread over 5-10 weeks, depending on the pace you set for your family. Windows and Mac compatible, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download).

Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.