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The Story of Inventions - Frank Bachman (Used- Like New)

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The Story of Inventions presents major inventions from the past 400 years that have had an impact on the growth of our modern industrialized world. Written in an easy-to-read format, these true-life stories will reveal not only how the inventions came to be, but also the history behind their inventors and the character traits that contributed to their success.

The text is divided into four sections: Power, Manufacturing & Production, Communications, and Transportation. Inventions range from the sewing machine, cotton gin, radio, television, submarine, computer, and more; inventors include Edison, Fermi, Ford, Gutenberg, Morse, Tesla, Fulton, and others. Comprehension questions are included at the end of each chapter.

Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.