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The Human Body, Volume 3: Lyrical Life Science Series with CD (New)

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Volume 3- The Human Body, begins with an introductory song on cells, genes, tissue, organs, and organ systems. Then it focuses on each of the body systems. You will recognize some of the tunes like "Caissons Go Rolling Along" and "Red River Valley," but some others like "Goober Peas," "Old Joe Clark," and "Tarantella" will be less familiar. "The Skeletal System" sung to "Tarantella" is a familiar pirate tune that takes "... the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone..." to a whole new level. Along with each CD comes a textbook which expands upon the information summarized in the songs. The textbooks, about 100 pages each, are generously illustrated with line drawings and touches of humor. They include song lyrics and simple music. The corresponding workbook lessons offer matching, fill-in-the-blank, essay, and labeling exercises. Answer keys are at the back. Although originally written for sixth graders, the content reflects some of what we find in typical high school life science texts. Whatever level you choose to use these for, they remain supplements rather than comprehensive courses. While this approach is not for all students, it does offer a rare alternative for auditory learners when it comes to science.

Unused and the most current edition.