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The Big Book of Homeschooling- by Debi Pearl (used)

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The Big Book of Homeschooling is the most entertaining, imaginative and helpful resource for homeschooling; bar none! It is full of creative ideas in teaching every subject you will need to cover to round out your child’s education. It is a resource so fun that your children will want you to read the book out loud so they can decide on which ideas they will want to incorporate into their daily lives.

This book was written to make your task as an educator easier, and to encourage and challenge your children’s minds The Big Book of Homeschooling was written for both the educator and the one who is being educated to learn how to enjoy the process of gaining a wonderful education. It is homeschooling at its finest.

NOTE:  Used- Good copy has a slight crease on the back cover, but the book itself is in great condition.

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