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Science in the Beginning Textbook and Helps & Hints Set (New)

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Dr. Jay Wile, author of the popular Apologia Science books, presents this science textbook especially for elementary grades. Science in the Beginning is the first book in a multilevel science series that explores scientific concepts through the lens of history. The beginning of history is given in the Bible's creation account, and this book uses the days of creation to teach scientific concepts including the nature of light, energy conservation, the properties of air and water, introductory botany, our solar system, basic zoology, and some aspects of human anatomy and physiology. Throughout this text, students are reminded of the Creator who made the wonders found in nature.  Written to be used for students grades K-6.

The "Helps & Hints" book accompanies the primary text. Divided into three sections, this book will provide helpful notes on the lesson and experiments in the textbook, tests for each "day" of the creation week, and answers to the tests.

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