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Old World History and Geography Student book - 4th edition (Used-Like New)

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Teach students to see history and geography through the lens of Christianity with this optimistic, conservative history curriculum.

Students will learn what life would have been like in the Eastern Hemisphere from the beginning of history through the fall of the Soviet Empire and up to the present-day countries. This fifth grade curriculum covers geography facts, the Fertile Crescent, the Ancient & Modern Middle East, Egypt, Africa, Ancient Greece & Rome, Christianity, England and the British Islands, Countries of Western and Eastern Europe, and more. Missionaries are profiled with the country in which they served.

Lessons feature a number of full-color photographs and art reproductions, bolded vocabulary words, underlined important concepts, and integrated geography concepts throughout; "Comprehension Check" activities are also included. Important historical documents are highlighted. Approx. 361 pages. 5th Grade.


Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.