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Missing In Action by Dean Hughes (New)

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Jay Thacker is used to being called names because his dad is half Navajo. But he gets a chance at a new life and a new identity when he and his mom move to the small town of Delta to live with Jay's grandfather.  In Delta, Jay can convince everyone, and maybe even himself, that his dad - who is missing in action as he fights in WWII - is really a POW and military hero, and not gone forever. 

As summer wears on and Jay finds himself growing up a litttle faster than he expected, he learns to look at some truths that had previously been impossible to face - truths about his father; about Ken, his new friend from the Japanese internment camp nearby; and about himself, too. 

In this understated and moving story, Dean Hughes provides a glimpse at the choices a boy must make as he decides what kind of man he'll one day be.