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MathTacular! 4 Package (Used-Like New)

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Includes: DVD, Answer Key, and Student Workbook and Toolkit

MathTacular is a DVD-based adventure that will break through the barriers of math through creative, real-world examples, memorable examples, colorful visual learning, a fun tour guide "Professor Justin," and amusing problems that only math can solve! Show kids the practical value of Unbelievably Understandable Math™, as well as how easy it is to use in everyday situations.

MathTacular4: Word Problems, covers a wide scope of mathematical skills while focusing on the skills necessary for Word Problems. Even if your kids aren't ready for the more advanced skills (like fractions and algebra at the end of the video), they'll love watching the case get closed!

The MathTacular4 DVD automatically stops after our heroes introduce each new word problem (unless you set it to play straight through). With this workbook in hand, your kids can solve the puzzle right then and there. With the push of a button, your children can restart the DVD and watch Justin Time and Amber Waves carefully work through the solution. Plus, students can solidify each new concept with five extra practice problems. Mathematical skills used in the word problems start with simple addition and work up to ratios, fractions and algebra. Clue words and "steps to solve word problems" from the video are included, as well as conversion formulas and other common math formulas. Each page features a word problem and fun illustration at the top, with the rest of the page left blank for work.

This detailed answer key accompanies the MathTacular! Student Workbook and Tool Kit! Intuitively easy-to-use, this key features the student problem with crossed-out words and highlighted important data, solving or explaining it on the side. Great for parents attempting to help explain the concepts to their children! 132 pages, softcover.

Note: DVD is new in shrink wrap.

Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.  The DVD does not show any wear.