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Hooked on Spanish (used Like- New)

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From the makers of Hooked on Phonics.  For ages 4-6 years. 
  • 2 Level Program to teach your child to speak Spanish
  • 2 Workbooks
  • 2 interactive CD-ROMs
  • Flash cards, Progress Poster & 75 Stickers
  • Parent Guide

Designed to teach kids common vocabulary, expressions, and phrases in Spanish. Teaches: - Hello and goodbye - Saying your age - Shapes - Numbers - Colors Contents: - 2 colorful workbooks - 2 interactive CD-ROMs (Windows 2000/XP) - Flash cards - 6 colorful storybooks - Progress posters and stickers - Parent's guide We all want our children to be happy, successful, well-rounded kids. With that goal in mind, our mission at Hooked on Phonics is to create educationally sound tools that are fun for kids and easy for parents to measurably improve their children's learning and help them reach their full potential. Our products are expressly designed to build children's confidence and ensure success. Hooked on Phonics content is: * based on current research about how children learn best * developed with the help of leading educators * tested with kids * interactive and fun * presented in colorful, vibrant, visually appealing ways Over two million families and thousands of schools have turned to Hooked on Phonics® products because of our unique, proven learn-practice-play approach. We provide children with bite-sized pieces of new information in every lesson so they are able to master each new concept and achieve success every night. The easy-to-follow learn-practice-play approach works like this: Learn new skills or concepts. Practice the concept until it is mastered. Play fun games or read great books to apply and reinforce new knowledge. Children learn at their own pace, mastering each new skill before they move on to the next. Practicing and reinforcing new skills is designed to be fun, and every experience ends with a celebration. (publisher website)

NOTE: This kit includes all the parts.  The packaging shows wear, but the contents are still like new, some still in original shrink wrap.  This is the previous edition.

Used - Like New

Very Good Condition.  Like new or gently used.  May show a bit of wear, slightly bent corners or covers, a light pencil mark in a couple of places.