It's Summer!

It's Summer...

How will the warm weather months be spent at your house? Can you feel it? That fresh feeling wafting in on a long-awaited warmer breeze?  Summer! It takes too long to get here, and it flies by far too quickly. But with the passing of Memorial Day, we can finally start celebrating that summertime feeling!

Among homeschoolers, the coming months mean different things for different families. Here are the three main approaches to summertime homeschooling. (Which one will you take?)

summer little green schoolhouse books

Summer mood #1: School is in session

For some families, a year-round approach to school works the best.  Longer breaks at regular intervals throughout the year keep routines intact through the summer months, and allow for a steady pace of learning and resting throughout every season. Summertime may include a slightly different pace or a few weeks off, but these families enjoy the rhythms that come with spreading the school year out more evenly.

Summer  Little Green Schoolhouse Books

Summer mood #2: Learning happens, but with a twist

In other households, school books are mostly closed, but education continues in many other ways. Science camps, music and dance workshops, history-focused trips, nature days, or maybe a little time spent on that one pesky subject that didn’t quite get finished up by May, or needs some extra attention. Whether these experiences are being tallied as “school days” or not, these families like to keep the learning going, albeit with a different look.

Summer mood #3: We are on a break!

School? What school? In some homes, when those last pages are finished and final assignments completed, summer arrives in full swing and school is barely a thought until August (or September) approaches.  And while some of these families may participate in an activity or two, time to relax, travel, and just take a break are the top priorities.

What’s your summer style?

How will the warm weather months be spent at your house? Will you keep some of your school routines? Find new ways to soak up some knowledge? Or just enjoy the opportunity for a stretch of blissfully lazy days? As always, we would love to know your thoughts - on summer learning or anything else. Drop us an email, or visit our Facebook page at any time!