It's Not the Curriculum, it's You...

We’ve all been there, right?

A simple search for an astronomy unit leads to the realization that you’ve been reading feedback on a curriculum review site for three hours. Now you still don’t know what to do about astronomy, you’re wondering if geology should come first, and you’ve gone down an internet rabbit hole and suddenly believe your kids need to learn German immediately.

Decisions, decisions

Deciding to homeschool is just the first step in a seemingly endless string of choices.  And curriculum selection, in particular, can turn even the most laid-back person into a puddle of indecision.

Is this math program intensive enough?

Is this math program too intensive?

Are my kids really learning world history with this core?  

Do I need to switch language arts methods?

Which of these spelling philosophies will actually work?

Is everyone but me having their kids study current events?

Should I focus more on “living books”?

Also, what ARE “living books?”

At the root of all these questions is something great: we want to do the best possible job with our children’s education.  And thankfully, it has never been easier to take on this responsibility, with so many choices available. Textbook companies, faith-based organizations and even experienced homeschool moms offer fantastic options for physical, digital, virtual, and printable lessons and resources to cover every conceivable subject. But this wealth of content can also make us crazy in an ongoing hunt for just the right thing to help our children flourish.

What really matters

We love that there are so many wonderful resources out there.  After all, our shop is based upon books and curriculum products, and it’s exciting to see such a wide variety of items arrive through our doors that we can pass on to you.  But the main message we want to whisper in your ear today is one that we hope will be a constant reminder each time you face a schooling decision:

At the heart of it?  It’s not the curriculum that makes the difference in your homeschooling “success”.

It’s YOU.  

You are making the difference every day.  In your commitment to helping your children grow in every way.  In the time you spend with them studying at the table, reading on the couch, or practicing spelling words in the car.  In the way you see their beautiful uniqueness, cheering on strengths and interests while steadfastly nurturing them through challenges.  No grammar cards or algebra course can ever outdo or undo your presence, your prayers, or your pouring into them.

You’ve got this

So yes - do your research.  Read the message boards, walk the curriculum fairs, talk with friends, study reviews and change things up when they aren’t quite clicking for you.  But when it all starts to feel like too much, take a step back and a deep breath, and remember that you are already giving your kids what they need each day.  

Living alongside them does more than any living book.

(Whether or not you ever quite figure out what those are.)